Valentine’s Day: Club Cosplay with The Flux Capacitors


Club Cosplay made my Valentine’s Day a little more special this year by hosting an event at House of Blues in San Diego. I decided to show off my new corset and my claws.

It was so much fun and includes a few surprises. One of those was Ivan David McCosplay proposing to his beautiful lady!

I’ll post the pics in another post, what I really wanted to share were the videos I took of the AMAZING Flux Capacitors!!! Whenever these guys perform, you can’t stop singing and dancing!

If you haven’t guessed by their name, they are a band who cosplays as characters from Back to the Future and most of the songs they perform fare from the 80’s. How can you NOT love this stuff?!?!

I posted these videos on YouTube so that anyone who was not able to go could see how much fun it was. I hope you guys can make it next time!