Stranger Things Season 2-

Its 1984 and the BEST music, tv and movies were coming out.  Oh yeah, and hell is pretty much breaking loose in Hawkins, Indiana.  Will survived his ordeal, or so everyone thinks, Eleven is thought to be dead or stuck in the upside-down, Will’s mom is dating Samwise Gamgee, and there’s a new girl in town.  Ok, so most of that is true…

Most people seem to be moving on.  Joyce has found some happiness in dating Bob, the tech genius at Radio Shack and the boys are planning their amazing costumes for Halloween.  Who ya gonna call? But not all are able to move on so easily.  Will is having nightmares and thinking of the past, Mike can’t forget Eleven (which, by the way, she is alive… not a spoiler… you know), and Dustin and Lucas fight for the same girl.

So it doesn’t take long to jump right back into the thick of it.  Visions of the upside-down, a BIG ASS demogorgon, and Eleven’s search for answers.  Oh, and we cannot forget Steve’s hair.  Fabulous!

Lots of action, lots of killing, and a touch of humor… and sadness…  I enjoyed the watch, but I think my expectations were set too high.  Season one was much better I left season two wanting more.  Let’s hope season three is more to be desired.