Mass Effect Andromeda: The Wait is OVER!

So, I had to put playing Horizon Zero Dawn on hold because after sooooo long of a wait, Mass Effect Andromeda has been released!  I was so very excited about this!  And then I played it…  Has my view changed?

Before I get into my experience, let me give you a brief synopsis.  You play Scott or Sarah Ryder.  You are an explorer, part of the Andromeda Initiative, from the Milky Way, who is now in chryo, traveling to Andromeda to start a new life.  Your father is the Pathfinder; the one in charge of making sure a planet is habitable for the human race.  If you thought things would go smoothly, you were very, very wrong.

You wake up and almost immediately things go wrong.  And because of a malfunction, something happens to your sibling’s pod and have to be put in a coma to ensure they can wake them from their 600 year journey.  So one man short, you join your father on the planet you were supposed to inhabit, finding that cannot happen.

I can’t give much more away because people die and crazy shit happens.  Now, onto my critique this far.  So my expectations were set a bit too high.  Let me start off with saying I have NOT beat it yet.  The story line is pretty solid so far, but there are a few hiccups.  One, that doesn’t give anything away, is that you have to look for memories on planets you visit.  Why is this an issue you ask?  Because the person those memories belong to NEVER SET FOOT ON THOSE PLANETS!  How are they scattered around Andromeda???

Issue 2- graphics.  I’m sorry, you spent how long to make this game and the features to make your character are the same as ME2?  The game is pretty and the planets are fun to explore, but come on!!!  Ok, you allowed me to select crazy hair colors, but they look awful and unrealistic!  Most female characters come out SO UGLY! And the eyes and expressions…  HOLY SHIT PEOPLE!  I almost pissed my pants from laughter.  If you haven’t seen it, Google search Mass Effect Andromeda facial memes.  HILARIOUS!  I wasn’t expecting super realistic quality but after playing Horizon Zero Dawn, they could have don so much more.  And the eyes,,,  SO BIG!!!!

Enough of that.

Good news is that you meet new aliens and still have the old.  So even though we don’t have our old pals like Garris (my heart breaks a little), we now have Vetra.  And she is adorable.


And then there’s Jaal:

So to wrap things up, I am enjoying the game.  There is a lot of content, so it’s well worth the money.  But again, you buy the game right on the release date, you get some glitches…  Including weird faces…  A little birdie told me some things will be fixed, but not right away.

Stay tuned and I’ll tell you how I feel about the end.  God I hope I don’t get as pissed as I did for ME3…  If you go back, you’ll see I posted my reaction..  Fuuuuuck…