Horizon Zero Dawn is Out and I CAN’T STOP PLAYING!


Horizon Zero Dawn release date was 2/27/2017 and I immediately picked it up.  Since then, I have not STOPPED playing!

The story takes place approximately one thousand years in the future… A future that knows very little about technology.  Why, do you ask? Because technology pretty much laid waste to the world, which regressed humans back to primitive societies.  They refer to those of the past as the “Old Ones” and are constantly in jeopardy of losing their lives to robotic animals they call “machines”.  Something has happened and not the machines are more aggressive, which is not good for the humans.

You are Aloy, an outcast from the Nora tribe.  You are not told why this has happened, but that has been Aloy’s life since infancy.  She are cared for by Rost, who shows her the ways of the world as an outcast.  As a young child, Aloy falls into an ancient facility and finds a Focus, which allows her to tap into the technology.  When she finally is of age, Aloy takes part in the Proving and that’s where all hell breaks loose.

The graphics ALONE should be a reason to buy this game.  I have been completely blown away by it!  Once you calm down from that, you pay more attention to the story and so far, it’s brilliant!  Aside from Aloy obviously being named after a metal (I know it’s spelt with 2 “L”s), the game is fantastic.  There are still a lot of glitches, but that’s to be expected from a brand new game.  If you don’t like glitches, don’t get a game on its release date!

I haven’t gotten to the ending yet, but be sure I will let you know what I thought!