Ghosted: Episode 1 Review

This week we finally got to see the pilot for Ghosted, starring Adam Scott (Parks and Rec) and Craig Robinson (The Office/Hot tub Time Machine).  Within the first few minutes I thought, “Wow…  Is this a spoof on X-Files…”  You have Scott playing the roll of Mulder and Robinson as the skeptic, Scully.  The episode started off just as one would expect; lots of supernatural stuff mixed with jokes.

We find out that Scott’s character use to be a professor and is proficient in fantastical things like alternate dimensions.  We also find that he lost his job because he believed his wife was abducted by aliens (which we find out later that it’s true.  Yes, I’ve seen another episode.) and now works in a bookstore.  Robinson is an ex-detective turned security guard.  I’ll leave his reason for the slight change in occupations for the next episode.

They are both drugged and wake up in the Bureau Underground.  What a well-thought out name, right?  If you didn’t guess, it’s a super secret paranormal research agency.  They were immediately tasked with a mission to help find an MIA agent.

The episode rushes through things, and gives you random explanations so that you can keep up with what’s happening.  Now having said that, the chemistry between our two leads is great and you can tell they had a great time filming it.  Overall, the pilot could use some polishing with the script.  It’s a cheesy show, but fun.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I’d give it a 3.5.  It has room for improvement, but if they keep the chemistry up, I think that everything will fall into place.