CW3PR’S “Streaming Success” at Wondercon!


On Friday, CW3PR gave fans a panel that allowed them to get a glimpse behind the screen to see what goes into making some of their favorite shows.  But before the panel started, we were lucky enough to have a quick photo opportunity with some of the panelists.  Janina Gavankar was one of the moderators of the panel.  She looked gorgeous in her black and blue leather jacket and skinny jeans (and those shoes…).

Janina Gavankar4

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the panel, but CW3PR gave me such a detailed recap, that I felt as if I were there.  And because of that, I had to share it with all of you!


Los Angeles, CA — Friday evening, fans left their couches and took a break from their favorite series to hear from the people who create them. Shade VFX’s David Van Dyke (Jessica Jones, Daredevil), composer Sean Callery (Jessica Jones), composer James S. Levine (Bloodline Season 2), costume designer Stephanie Maslansky (Jessica Jones, Luke Cage), costumer designer Roland Sanchez (11.22.63), production designer Catherine Smith (Transparent), and production designer Drew Boughton (The Man in the High Castle, Hemlock Grove) entertained the WonderCon audience, as they revealed the secrets behind creating successful streaming content.

Moderating the panel was actress Janina Gavankar (Arrow, The League, True Blood) and Gabriel Valenciano of Native.Digital, a filmmaker and artist known for his VMA nomination for Beyonce’s 7/11. The pair led this group of elite creative artists in a discussion about the “best shows available.” Valenciano praised their efforts for “working so hard to give us production that goes above and beyond.”

Every artist on the panel has worked on many shows on cable networks, as well as feature films, but working on a streaming series required adjustments in their creative process. David Van Dyke of Shade VFX, related streaming series to a feature film, saying “the quality needs to be the same, but there’s more to do and it’s running faster. Yet somehow, you get these really beautiful, high levels of work.” As a composer, Sean Callery relishes his time in the streaming world, due to the “chances to develop themes and musical ideas in richer, longer scenes with the flow being much more dynamic.”

James S. Levine explained the process behind scoring for a specific character, revealing that “what is happening in the narrative will affect our approach to the character. We often score based on what’s going on behind somebody’s eyes, there is so much in their head that needs to be spoken to with the music.” For visual effects, Van Dyke explained that Shade prides themselves on “invisible effects.” He identified Shade’s strategy as “not drawing the viewer away, not making it a story about a really neat effect, but instead drawing a really good story, and focusing on giving the best product.”

Cat Smith, referring to the production design for Transparent, talked about how “the house was so important,” described as “a second character that needed to be warm and welcoming. I’ve never felt closer to the art than I do on this show.” Boughton, the production designer on The Man in the High Castle, followed up by explaining the challenges he faced while weaving together post-War World II themes and an alternate historical timeline.

Streaming has greatly changed the way people view television and films. Van Dyke even confessed to watching the first season of Daredevil on his phone. Even the artists themselves go on binges, the top pick being House of Cards. Roland Sanchez explained it best that “creatively, all these streaming services offer us the opportunity to push the envelope in ways that we are not able to do with network television, a wonderful outlet to be able to tell our stories and really get into these characters.”

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