Star Wars- The Last Jedi Review

The Last Jedi has been released and there are definitely mixed reviews.  Some says it’s amazing and others say it’s not close to the originals.  Well I say just go see the damn movie and enjoy it…  People complained that the previous was too much like Episode 4 and now they complain that this one is not enough like the originals.  Make up your minds!

Look, there were a few things I could have done without…  Especially Luke milking a “cow” (you’ll have to see the movie) and shirtless Kylo Ren.  However, the action was suspenseful, the sacrifices were heartbreaking, and the comedy was  exactly of that.  Some conversations seemed forced and others just bland.  But in the end, the movie is exactly what was expected.  Star Wars.

I left wanting more than what I got, but in the end (because I go into all movies this way) I wasn’t disappointed.  Low expectations still allow one to enjoy movies.  Unless it’s a Michael Bay film…  Then you’re f*%ked.