SDCC 2014- Day 1: Hey, look. That’s me!

Day 1 came and went with a blink of an eye!  Thank goodness there were enough people to keep track of everything. did a write-up on day 1 of Comic Con and there’s a photo of me!  How exciting!

Check out the following link to see some other great cosplayers!

And a special shout out to my friend Tori who found this for me!


The Fatal Siren

SDCC 21014 Preview Night- Chaos Anyone?

I left work at noon to rush down and get my badge for Comic Con.  The line to get the badges wasn’t bad…  It was waiting for the exhibit hall to open that was tough…  A group of us were in the second row and when it was time to go in, chaos ensued…  Security had to scream consistently to not run, which people did NOT listen…  I walked briskly to the FUNKO booth, which was already at capacity.  BOO!!!  1 booth down, one to go.

I made my way to the Super7 Booth and waited in a very looooong line.  I found out later that this was caused by their credit card scanners not working.  It was so busy that they couldn’t troubleshoot, so they passed around a smartphone and manually typed in the credit card.  Ouch!  But not to fret- I got what I wanted…

Now, I have to say two things about the packaging:

  • What’s up with the girl’s face?
  • If it’s for ages 14+, then why are 6 year old kids playing with it???

Great thing about this is that it is an SDCC exclusive.  You CAN pre-order it online, but you won’t get the exact version you see here.  If you get it at Comic Con, it will likely be worth more.

I also picked up a few Alien eggs-

I wonder what’s in the mystery egg???

After I got my exclusives, a bunch of us wondered around, checking out other booths.  I found some AMAZING Dragonball Z and Bleach action figures.  I was sad I couldn’t buy the Bleach ones, but I did get the name of the guy in charge, so I’ll be able to get the scoop on when those are available.  Apparently, they are waiting for the final go ahead.

Not many costumes, but today will be a different story.

Well, off to get ready-  100 degrees today and I’ll be dressed as Black Widow-  Come say hi!


The Fatal Siren

Batman v Superman Leaked Photo!!!


A new photo has been leaked. Who could it be??? Well, none other than Clark Kent!


Now, you may all be wondering, “Where are his glasses!” Don’t get your panties in a bunch. I am sure this is just a promotional photo. He obviously won’t be holding that shirt up in the movie, so it is safe to assume this is not Henry Cavill’s complete costume.

But here is something to think on. Is Clark really fooling anyone? Glasses DON’T change a person that much. The Hilarious Pete Holmes did a skit about this very thing. Check it out here. I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it.

Batman v Superman


That Fatal Siren

Another Talent- Andrew Kafoury

On my exciting journey down Artist’s Alley during WonderCon 2014, dressed as the Black Canary, I cam across a booth where a young and enthusiastic man sat.  He gave me a big smile and asked if I would like to hear about his new graphic novel.  That man was Andrew Kafoury.

How could I refuse, I thought to myself as I walked over.  I was immediately sucked into the art and picked up the graphic novel titled, “No’madd: City of Empty Towers“.  It is the first in a series of graphic novels written by Andrew.  While he didn’t give much away about the plot, he did say that it was like, “The Odyssey meets Star Wars.”  Now come one…  You CAN’T tell me that doesn’t pique your interest.

We talked for a while about many things, including how he won a basketball from one of his… favorite… all-time, worst movies and it was signed by the director.  Andrew, I still have yet to see it, but did ask some of my friends who had and they completely agreed with you!  I promise I will watch it soon and let you know what I think.

Although I have not read the entire graphic novel, the parts that I did sucked me right into the story.  It is very beautifully written and the illustrations are brilliant!  They really fit the story.  Here is the photo taken at WonderCon:

ImageI am trying to locate the pic of Andrew and I…  Andrew, if you have it, post it on my Facebook or Twitter page and I will upload it.  I really liked it!

Anyway, PLEASE check out his work and support an amazing mind!  Here is the information you need:

Good luck to Andrew, Kiel Parsons, Todd Herman, and Scott Roller.  Here’s wishing you all great success!!!


The Fatal Siren


Wonder Woman is Wearing What???

Alright, so it has been announced that Gal Gadot will NOT be wearing the “jacket and leggings” outfit that had been mentioned in the past.  Her Wonder Woman outfit will be more traditional, which means be prepared to see a little more skin.  She will be dawning a blue leather skirt, silver cuffs, and of course, her golden tiara.  It hasn’t been confirmed if the tiara will have the famous red star, but I think it’ll look good either way.  The top will be red, but not much has been leaked on the intricate design it will have. 

I think it sounds pretty cool, but since no photos of the concept have been released, I can’t say I “LOVE” it.  Also, I am not sure how Gal is going to look in it.  Don’t get me wrong, she is a beautiful girl who, I am sure, could wear a potato sack and still look amazing.  However, I have a very specific look in my head for Wonder Woman.  I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around Gadot playing this role. 

Wonder Woman was always my favorite because she was a strong woman.  A woman who wasn’t like those deathly skinny girls int he fashion magazines.  A woman who more girls should’ve wanted to be like.  But what we will see on the big screen will be these skinny, yet muscular, legs; a not so voluptuous body, chasing down the bad guys…  Again, she has an amazing body, but not the one I grew up knowing.  But as I have said in the past, I will keep an open mind.  Can’t judge something you can’t see…

I hope some photos, at least of the concept, will be released soon.  I don’t want too many spoilers, but a couple won’t hurt… Right?



The Fatal Siren