Necroletric- A NEW Web Series to Check Out!

Day 2 at Wonder Con- I was walking around in my Black Widow costume and came across a booth for a new show.  It was described as a romantic paranormal web series.  That piqued my curiosity.  I mean, who doesn’t like romance and the paranormal?

I was immediately introduced to Eric Carpenter who plays Alaric.  He was so sweet and excited to talk about the show.  When I told him how interested I was in the show, an enormous smile filled his face.  It was refreshing to meet an actor that was truly excited to speak to people about his/her work.  That doesn’t happen very often…

I asked if I could get a photo with the cast and without hesitation, he agreed.  He grabbed his co-stars Zach Bostrom (Cas), Cole Shoemaker (Jax), and the lovely Chelsea Alden (Z).  How adorable is this cast!  The smiles alone will melt your heart. Okay…  Maybe adorable is the wrong word.  Handsome… Beautiful… Sexy…  Those all fit as well.  Come on, you have to agree with me…  Just look at them!


Zach Bostrom and Eric Carpenter

Now, although I didn’t get too much of the synopsis of the show, it is still something that I am going to check out and think you should as well.  We don’t have many shows like this out there and there should be.  The only type of shows out there now are the “real-life” paranormal shows, which come on…  They are cheesy as HELL!  The reenactments make you laugh…  At least they make me laugh.  And yes, we do have Supernatural, but it’s not just about the paranormal, nor does it have nearly enough romance in it.

The show will be airing sometime in the summer, so stay tuned!  I will be providing more details when the site updates AND more about the show after it airs.  For pics from the set and their sites, go to NECROLECTRIC.COM.

So remember:

  • Show Name: Necroletric
  • Show Time: Summer
  • Twitter: @Necrolectric
  • Facebook:

Actors and info:

  • Eric Carpenter- Alaric
  • Zach Bostrom- Cas
  • Cole Shoemaker- Jax
  • Chelsea Alden- Z

My tweet below has their info, so check them out!

Be sure to check out the trailer below!

Good luck everyone!  Here’s wishing you all the success in the world!  (And thanks for making my day!!!)


The Fatal Siren

WonderCon: Day 1

Afternoon all!

It’s 3pm and I thought I would drop a line to fill you in on the happenings thus far at WonderCon 2014.  It’s been quite busy, but tons of fun!  I have met a ton of great people and seen a lot of great costumes and art.

I’d like to give a quick shout out to Andrew Kafoury and his brother for being so nice when we stopped at the booth.  Andrew is the author of No’Madd-City of Empty Towers.  Here is a brief synopsis from the site:

No’madd: City of Empty Towers, is the first in a series of No’madd graphic novels written and produced by me, Andrew Kafoury. Think the Odyssey meets Star Wars. My goal is to create compelling content in a timely manner and demonstrate growth to reach a larger audience.”

The synopsis, along with the art, made this jump to the “to-read” list!  Good luck, Andrew!  I’m sure it’s gonna be a HUGE success!!!  Be sure to check out Andrew’s work at www,


And here are some pics of me.  :)

DSC_0038 DSC_0039 DSC_0042

I’ll do some write-ups soon, so stay tuned!


The Fatal Siren

This Week on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

This just aired last night, so be prepared for… SPOILERS!!!

So, where did we leave off at? Ah, yes… Agent Mae is the mole, leaking information to the Clairvoyant. Or, is she??? Nope, turns out she is keeping tabs on Coulson, making sure he doesn’t go postal after T.A.H.I.T.I.. And who is she reporting to? Well, none other than Director Fury.

But why did she shoot at Fitz? They try to get to the bottom of that, but Mae evades the question by asking why he was tampering with the line… Long story…


As this is happening, the plane’s auto-pilot course has been changed, sending them back to the HUB. Why, you ask? Because Agent Victoria (Vic) thinks Coulson is a bad, bad, man! (I’ll get into that in a minute.

Agent Garrett is being attacked by S.H.I.E.L.D drones. He lands on the “bus” and Coulson fills him in on what’s happening.


Now what’s happening you might ask? Well, Coulson has Mae contact Fury. And what happened there? Oh, yeah… He’s dead! Well, they say he is…

Sky is trying to reroute the plane but they hear static. There’s a transmission but they have to decipher it. Now, can you guess what the decipher means???


So, I’m going to sum up A LOT into an itty bitty paragraph.

Simmons is on the HUB. Coulson and the rest of the team think Vic is the Clairvoyant and part of Hydra. Vic thinks Coulson in Hydra. Turns out that Garrett is part of Hydra!!! Ouch!

Agent Ward assists Skye while on the HUB and he FINALLY reveals he has feelings for her. And the KISS!! This is all before he knows his old boss is a bad guy btw.

After that is revealed to him, he says he wants to ride back with Vic and Garrett so he can see him punished. Coulson and the others try to clean up. The bus is trashed! At least Lola survived. (I found myself yelling, ‘don’t hurt Lola!’ at the TV…)

Meanwhile, back at on the ship with Vic and Ward… Vic gives Ward the opportunity to set things right. She asks him since he shot the wrong person, does he want to get it right this time. Ward points his gun and …

WTF! Ward shoots all BUT Garrett!!! Vic can’t be dead!!! And Ward… How could you do this??? As it was said so beautifully said in The Golden Child,
“You’re breaking my heart asswipe!”

There better be another twist dammit!!!

And now you know… DAMMIT!!!

The Fatal Siren

Game of Thrones Has Returned!!!


It’s BACK!!!  The first episode of season four aired last Sunday and it looks like it has just been renewed for two more seasons!  How exciting!!!  Because I know that many have not watched the season premiere, I will give a brief synopsis.  I have also included a few photos of the cast from Comic Con, so I hope you all enjoy.

***Skip of you don’t want Season 3 SPOILERS!***


Although, you really should have seen it by now…


Where did we leave off?  Oh yes, Red Wedding???  After this episode, it was a guarantee that the season finale was going to be extremely anti-climactic.  I mean, Robb, his mother, and nearly anyone associated with the Starks were brutally murdered!  This was the only episode in ANY show that had me scream “WHAT THE FUCK!” at my television!!!

So, back to the season finale.  Although it didn’t make you want to throw something at the TV, it did wrap up a few things and leave wondering about others.  For example, how are Tyrion, Sansa, and Shae handling their new arrangement? I mean, Sansa and Tyrion are married and Tyrion loves Shae…  How will they make this work???  Jamie returns home.  Will his sister welcome him with open arms?  Especially now that he is missing one of his (hands that is).  How much more disturbing can Joffrey get?  Who is tormenting Theon and will he survive?  And what about John Snow?  Will Ygrette hunt him down and make good on her promises?  Or will his adorable face and curly black hair blowing in the wind make her forget she even threatened him?  (I say forget it and live happily ever after… but that’s not how this show or story would ever go…)  Oh yeah…  And what of the Stark kids?  Then there’s the White Walkers!!!  OMG!!!

Sorry…  I couldn’t help myself…

Anyway, I didn’t want to give too much away, but those are some things to think of for the finale and what will be wrapped up in episode 1 Two Swords.  Anyway, enjoy the Comic Con photos and I will do a re-cap of  episode one next week.  I figured I should wait until the next episode has been seen.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I can’t wait for this Sunday!!!



Guardians of the Galaxy! Let the Countdown Begin!


I have tried to NOT think about this, but everywhere I go, I see something that reminds me and then I have to try to put it out of my mind.  Why do I have to wait until August???

I figured it was time to post some pics of the cast from Comic Con 2013 and give a little info on characters.  This is mainly because I know a lot of people aren’t familiar with Guardians of the Galaxy.  The movie was written and directed by James Gunn (Dawn of the Dead) and is based on a Marvel comic.  If you watched Thor: The Dark World, you saw a teaser for the upcoming film.  If you are like me, you were jumping up and down in your seat!

The premise of the movie is this:  Peter Quill, a.k.a Star-Lord, steals an orb and is being hunted down by Ronan, the Accuser.  In order to evade Ronan, he must team up with a group of unruly characters.  Quill finds out the true power the orb possesses and has to rally the troops (his new “friends”) to pretty much save the galaxy!

So, now that I’ve whet your appetite, here are the characters/cast:

Peter Quill *Star-Lord* (Chris Platt)- He is a womanizer and the leader of the misfits.

Gamora (Zoe Saldana)- Adopted daughter of Thanos.

She use to work for Ronan and is trying to turn over a new leaf so to speak.

Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista)- His family was killed by Ronan and he is seeking revenge.

Rocket (Bradley Cooper)- A machine gun-toting, genetically engineered raccoon,

who, by the way, is an expert marksman.

Groot (Vin Diesel)- Rocket’s companion who is a tree-like humanoid

Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace)- Admiral to Thanos; hunter of the Guardians

Nebula (Karen Gillian)- The female villain in this story.

She teams up with Ronan to hunt down the Guardians.

Ok… I think that’s enough for now.  We also have Djimon Hounsou and Michael Rooker in the movie, as well as John C. Reilly and Glen Close.  What a cast!

Here are some pictures I got from Comic Con.  And I would just like to give major props to Karen Gillian and her decision to shave her head for this role.  KUDOS WOMAN!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally, the trailers.  AWESOME!!!  Please enjoy!

Brain Teaser- Just for Fun…

I did not make this…


Can you guess what it is?

Divergent- Book Review

I just finished reading Divergent by Veronica Roth and thought that since the movie will be released soon, I would give a quick book review.  Normally, I don’t read the books prior to movies coming out (because I have been sorely disappointed), but I was bored sitting on some plane rides and figured I’d give it a go.

The story takes place in Chicago the future.  After the big war, the city is divided into 5 factions:

  • Abnegation- Those who are selfless.  This faction runs the Government mainly because those who are  selfless tend to not want to be in those types of positions and will, theoretically, make the right choices.
  • Amity- Those who are most peaceful.  This faction is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Candor- Those who are most truthful.  This faction cannot tell a lie and it is easy for them to see if others are lying to them.
  • Erudite- Those who are knowledgeable.  This faction produces constantly studies and produces new technology.
  • Dauntless- Those who are brave.  This faction is not afraid of anything and will do whatever it takes to show their bravery.

When a child turns 16, they are required to take an aptitude test.  This test will tell them which faction it believes they should be in.  Then, after the results are received, they go to the Joining Ceremony and in front of each faction, in front most of the city, they either choose their current faction and go home to what they know, or they betray their families and choose another faction.

The story takes place around a sixteen year old named Beatrice and her family.  She is part of the Abnegation faction.  She is supposed to be selfless, but she finds that she struggles in her faction.  Beatrice is curious and doing things for others does come natural to her.  Her brother, Caleb, on the other hand is exactly the opposite.  He is Abnegation through and through.  He too is 16 and it is time for both of them to take the aptitude test.

Here come the spoilers!!!

After Beatrice has completed the aptitude test, Tori, who overseas her test, looks concerned.  Tori tells Beatrice she is Divergent and this is very dangerous.  Tori tells her to say nothing, not a word about this to anyone and deletes the data from the test.  Beatrice is confused and scared.  Being Divergent is dangerous because they can take on many different ways of thinking and reacting.  The factions do not want this.  They want you to think the way their faction thinks and nothing else.  By thinking differently, almost as if having free will, you break the rules of the factions and that can cause chaos.  The factions were created to ensure another terrible war would not ensue.  Divergents, they think, could potentially be what could cause the downfall of the factions and the start of another war.

On Joining Day, Beatrice, much to her parent’s surprise (ok, well, maybe not so much her mother), she joins Dauntless.  Even more surprising, especially to Beatrice, Caleb chooses Erudite.  Beatrice, who now calls herself Tris immediately leaves the ceremony and joins her new faction.  She will have to go through rigorous tests and if she passes, she will be Dauntless.  Just because you choose a faction doesn’t mean you will remain.  If you cannot pass, you become factionless (without home,family,stability…  living on the streets… not a life anyone wants).  Step one, jump onto a moving train.  Step two, jump off the moving train and onto the rooftop.  One faction transfer does not jump onto the train.  Fail…  Another, does not make it to the rooftop and dies.  Tris’ first look at death.

The next step is to jump through a hole in a ceiling.  You cannot see how far down it goes or what to expect, if you even survive the fall.  They call Tris a stiff due to where she comes from.  She is determined to prove she belongs and jumps first.  At the bottom is a net that catches her.  She is immediately helped out of the net by Four, who turns out to be her instructor.  After everyone has made it down the hole, Four explains that in order to become a full-fledged Dauntless member, they must rank in the top 10.  This means both Dauntless born and the transfers must compete against each other.  It also means that if you are not in the top 10, you are factionless.

There are three stages the initiates must go through.  Stage 1, hand-to-hand combat and weapons training.  Although Tris is weaker than most, she is able to make it to 6th place.  A transfer named Edward makes it to first place, and Peter (a sadistic terror who taunts the weak) is second.  Peter is not happy with this outcome and while everyone is asleep in the dorm, he stabs Edward in the eye with a knife.  No one sees him do it, but they know the truth none the less.  No ones says anything as to how it happened.  And since Molly, one of Peter’s friends, ranked after Tris, they taunt her even more. One night in the dorm, Tris returns after a shower and they taunt her.  They take the towel away from her, exposing her body and they laugh.  Tris, obviously mortified, runs off and hopes that in their next challenge, she can fight Peter as he was the one who started the cruelty.    Tris doesn’t get her first choice, but she feels some happiness when she finds she must fight Molly.  Using what she was taught (and some things mentioned by Four), she is able to win.  But she doesn’t stop there.  Blow after blow, she beats Molly, almost killing her, but she doesn’t care.

During the initiation, Tris hears that the Erudite are making false claims about Abnegation.  They spread vile things and even mentions how a high-ranking official, Marcus, beat his son, Tobias, who then in turn became a traitor to Abnegation and became Dauntless. Tris and her brother are also mentioned since they left Abnegation, trying to use them as proof that Abnegation cannot be trusted if they cannot even keep the children of Government officials in their own faction. Obviously a low blow to Tris’ mother and father.  Molly chimes in and mentions how Tris talks in her sleep and how she tells her father to stop because Abnegation spends too many resources on the factionless.  After another confrontation, she speaks to Dauntless-born imitates, including Uriah, and slowly befriends them.  A transfer named Al starts to show his feelings towards her (brief hints of it at least), but also shows how weak he is by his inability to cope with the initiation.  We also see the start of… something forming between Tris and Four.

In the second stage, the initiates must go through a simulation that uses their fears against them.  The simulation cannot really hurt you, but while in it, you feel as if it is truly happening.  It is used to help the Dauntless conquer their fears.  At first, Tris is terrified.  but then she finds away to realize it is a simulation and that she can even manipulate the simulation.  After this occurs, Four realizes she is Divergent and erases the data.  The scores are given and Tris is first; followed by Peter.  Al is at the bottom.  Angered by his failure, Peter somehow talks Al and Drew into “scaring” Tris.  They kidnap her and take her to the chasm where Peter means to throw her over.  Tris discovers who is attacking her and feels sick.  How could Al betray her that way?  Four comes to save the day and takes Tris to his room.  Now, now… get your mind out of the gutter.  The next day, Al begs for forgiveness and Tris refuses.  He commits suicide by  jumping into the chasm.

The fourth and final step is to go into the fear landscape.  Here, the initiates know they are in a simulation and must use the tools they have learned to get through their fears.  People have many fears and this can take time.  Four takes Tris to the fear landscape at night before the tests begin.  He says he wants her to see what she needs to be prepared for.  There, she finds that the reason they call him Four is because he only has four fears, which is unheard of.  One of them that is revealed is that he is actually Tobias, who was punished and abused repeatedly by his father, Marcus.  Four was from Abnegation.  She helps him get through his fears and learns what she needs to do to make it through the simulation.  Four then shares that he knows what the Erudites have planned with the Dauntless leaders.

The next day, Tris finishes her simulation and we find she has seven fears.  Drowning (one fear is in the ocean and the other in a tank), being kidnapped, crows eating her alive, Peter setting her on fire, being intimate with Four (she doesn’t understand how he can like her as she feels she isn’t special and fears he only wants her body), and finally, shooting her family or dying herself.  Eric, one of the leaders of Dauntless, comes in and advises that they are injecting everyone with a serum that will allow them to track them should anyone go missing.  Before the ceremony and finding where she ranks, Four invites Tris back to his apartment.  They become close and their feelings are revealed.  It is quite a sweet moment, so I won’t spoil that for you guys.  After a couple of hours, they go, separately, to the ceremony where Tris finds she is ranked number one.  Her celebration, however, is short-lived when she finally realizes the Erudite plans.  She tries to find Tobias (she no longer calls him Four) but is unable to do so.

She goes back to the dorm room and suddenly she sees her friends getting up and dressed.  She calls out to them, but they do not answer.  They are no longer her friends, but instead, zombies.  Tris pretends she is one too and follows them to their destination.  The get onto a train and there she sees Tobias.  He does not look at her, but she soon realizes that he too is not under the serum’s spell.  Her thoughts are confirmed.  He is Divergent too.  They reach the main hub for Abnegation and try to escape.  As they run, they see their fellow Dauntless murdering the Abnegation members.  They continue to run… fight…  But then, Tris is shot.  Tobias stays by her side and they are captured.  Jeanine, the head of Erudite, informs Tris that she has plans for Tobias, but she will die.  Tobias revolts, but it is too late.  The Erudites have come up with a serum that will work on Divergents and he is immediately in what is like a simulation.  He attacks Tris and she tries to reason with him.  Jeanine confirms that he cannot hear her.  The attack stops and they take him to the control room as they have plans for him.  Tris is lead to a room where she is sentenced to die.  She is put in a tank and it is just like her fear.  Water rushes in, but she will not give up.  She is brave and she lets them know it.  She is ready to die.

Suddenly, the water rushes out of the tank and she sees her mother.  There she finds her mother is also Divergent.  They run, trying to get to where her father, brother, and others belonging to Abnegation are hiding.  But before they can reach it, they are being attacked.  Tris’ mother sacrifices herself to save her daughter.  Shortly after, Tris reaches the hideout and tells her brother and father that her mother died.  Then, she sees Marcus.  She does all she can from attacking him.  Again she feels the need to protect Tobias.  But she puts that aside for now.

Tris realizes what must be done.  They need to go to the Dauntless facility and take down the computer that is controlling everyone.  Her father, brother, and Marcus head to Dauntless and Tris must walk them through everything they need to do in order to get into the facility.  One in particular is Peter, but he is not under the influence.  They didn’t feel he needed it due to his “nature.”  She shoots him in the leg to get information.  He says he wants to go with them since they will kill him for giving information.  She reluctantly agrees.  Tris’ father sees what she has become.  He disapproves, but eventually tells her how proud he is of her.  Tris and her father head towards the control room and they find soldiers.  Her father heads the opposite way of the control room so that they will follow him.  Tris runs to the control room and hears gunfire.  She turns to see her father hit the floor.  He is gone.

Tris reaches the control room and Finds Tobias.  He is still under the influence and attacks.  After being punched and kicked multiple times, she gets her hands on his gun.  She points it at him but finds he cannot pull the trigger.  She says his name…  She is ready to sacrifice herself.  Tris gives him the gun and paces her hand on his chest.  Somehow, he is able to gain control and holds Tris in a deep embrace.  They shut down the computer and all of the controlled Dauntless come to their senses.  After realizing what has happened, what they have done, some fight, some kill others… they break down…

They head back to where the others are.  Tobias is embraced by his father and cannot move.  Tris pries Marcus away from Tobias and threatens him.  Obviously, Marcus does not understand what he did to his son.  Tris later apologizes for stepping in, but Tobias was grateful.  They escape to Amity to find the others of Abnegation and realize that they are no factionless.

End of spoilers!!!

So, my “spoiler” portion does not really do the book justice.  It is well written and keeps you interested the entire time.  You keep wondering, “What’s going to happen next?”  You obviously can tell right away where the story is going, but who is involved and what actually happens is not so easy to figure.  Veronica Roth keeps the writing simple, so all ages can enjoy.  For those of you who keep a dictionary handy when reading, it won’t be necessary.  It is fun, exciting, easy to read, and keeps you entertained, so why wouldn’t you want to read it.  There is a love story, but it doesn’t overwhelm the storyline, so I think even my male friends and readers will like this.

Disclaimer: This is a young adult book and the only thing I really wanted different was the age of the characters.  Since they really only mention Tris’ age in the beginning, you can just use your imagination…

So, I think I have covered everything and hopefully if you haven’t read the book, you paid close attention to my spoiler alert.  I gave away a lot of the book, but kept a few things quiet.  And even if you did NOT heed my warning and read EVERYTHING I said, well, as I said before, my words don’t do it justice, so read it anyway.

Next, Insurgent.  I hope it is just as interesting.  I found that when I read the Hunger Games Trilogy, I got quite bored when I got to the 3rd book and wanted to smack Katniss… Please don’t make me want to smack Tris!!!  My fingers are crossed!

Let me know what you think!


The Fatal Siren

PS: Thanks to Wikipedia for reminding me of some of the small parts I forgot! (some of the beginning eluded me… What can I say, some time has passed since I read the beginning.)

Dinobots… This Better Be Good…

So, as many of you have heard (or read), Michael Bay is at it again.  The Autobots will wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons! (Please tell me you got that…)

Although I was not in love with the storyline of the original, it was fun to watch the carnage the Michael Bay does best.  He likes big booms… And at least does that well…  I will be completely blunt and say that I am not a huge fan of his work.  I know, I know…  But my female friends will say, “He did Armageddon…  Pearl Harbor…  How can you NOT like ANY of his work???”  In regards to Pearl Harbor, I simply say that the movie was already done…  Did you see Titanic?  Michael Bay took this an incredible part of our history and wrote it into a weak storyline.  And Armageddon? Well, It was entertaining, but again, all BOOM, no amazing story…

Having said that, I do think he did a great job bringing the the Transformers to life.  Or, should I say he hired the right people to make them look real/believable.  I hope that with this new movie, Transformers:Age of Extinction, he will do it justice.  This is a new start since the cast is different.  We now have Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci!  Now all we can hope for is a good plot and great CG!

Now, as you can see by the subject of this blog,  It Dinobot time!  And if you grew up watching the cartoons, we should be in for a treat.  What I am curious about is will Grimlock sound even remotely like how he did in the cartoons?   The video below is for anyone who does not remember or never watched the cartoons.

I doubt it, but it would be kind of funny…

Here is what the Dinobots look like:

And, in case you missed it, the trailer.


The Fatal Siren

Making the Bunny Suit for Poison Ivy and Black Canary- It Has Begun!

So, I have been scouring the web for what has felt like an eternity for the right bodysuit…  Alas, to no avail…  I can’t believe how difficult it is to find the RIGHT bodysuit…  I thought I could find something to purchase.  I mean, come one Victoria’s Secret!

Since I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I decided I would make one and set off to find a tutorial on how.  Well, I found some, but many didn’t give a detailed description on how to do this.  So, I decided that I would make a tutorial with the information I found from many hard-working talents from Deviantart.  I wondered if the idea I had would work and those artists proved it does… So far.

This post is ONLY showing my first day at making the suit.  There will be ones to follow that show very precise details.  This will include watching me cut the fabric, sew it, making the corset, and finally, putting all of the pieces together.  It may be boring at times, but I know there has to be at least one other person like me who wants details.

The following photos are of me, but not at my finest, so please be kind.  *smile*

Step 1:  Wrap yourself in plastic wrap (cellophane).  I had some leftover Christmas wrap, so that’s why it’s green.  I recommend wearing underwear that will cover your bum as much as you want for the suit.  I did not and it was a little more difficult to get the right cut.  That’s also why you aren’t getting a backside photo.


Step 2: Duct tape yourself.  You will need someone to help you for some spots.  Wrap yourself a couple of times and you will look like this…

Pattern_OnI am sure you noticed the lines drawn.  you need to do this to make sure you know where to cut.

Step 3:  Cut along one side and slip out of the duct tape suit.  Then, take a minute to breathe and cool down.  Being wrapped in cellophane is no laughing matter!  Here is what it looks like when off:


Step 4: Cut on those lines you made.  You will be lining the front and back pieces on the fold, so technically you cut those.  However, I will likely be taking each piece and making a pattern for it.  I don’t think it will work for me based on the cuts I made.  We shall see.  There will be a lot of trial and error and that’s why I bought some muslin to practice on.  I recommend you do the same.


I am hoping to have the pattern on fabric tomorrow.  Let me know if you have any suggestions as this is my first time making this.  Wish me luck!

The Fatal Siren

I promise I have not fallen off the face of the earth!

Hey everyone,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but work has been killing me! It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, it’s just been a lot of work and I have failed in updating you guys on what I’ve been doing.

I started making the automail and when I say started, I mean I got the pinky done. It’s really me just testing out how craft foam works and what I need to do to make it look real. So far, not too bad.

I have my Phoenix costume and hope to get some photos done soon. I still need to finish reviewing the black widow photos and then hopefully I’ll get them up on the site. The costume, Poison Ivt, female Han Solo, Black Canary, and a few others.

There has been a lot of trial and error with my Ichigo costume. The wig seems to be a little too yellow, but I might be able to do something with it anyway. I have to style it, so I might ask one of my friends while it’s on my head because I think that will make it easier. And the hakama pants… I just don’t understand how you’re supposed to wear them. I will figure it out though.

I will be posting more this weekend, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m still alive and well, even if I am ready to tear my hair out. Time management was never my strong point.

I still have to make my special costume for Comic Con, but with all the new updates, who the hell knows if I’m even going to be able to go. I really should’ve got my press badge.

The Fatal Siren

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