Sci-Fest L.A: Message from David Dean Bottrell

Hey all!  Just received an update from the very talented David Dean Bottrell about the most awesome event coming to L.A-  Sci-Fest!!! I’ve blogged about it in the past, but wanted to remind all of you and URGE you to attend!


Dear Sci-Fi Friends —
We just wanted to introduce ourselves and let you know about our one-of-a-kind festival opening May 7th in Los Angeles!  


Last May, SCI-FEST LA: The Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival debuted, bringing 2 rotating evenings of scary, hilarious and mind-bending short plays to Los Angeles starring an incredible cast of actors famous for their work on such iconic TV franchises as STAR TREK, THE X-FILES, LOST, STARGATE: UNIVERSE, HEROES, TRUE BLOOD and FRINGE.  The Fest was such a success (with packed houses & great press) that this year, we’re producing a whole new slate of show including new, knock-out adaptations of Neil Gaiman’s “The Case of Four and Twenty Blackbirds”and Clive Barker’s acclaimed short story, “The Departed,” (sent to us by Mr. Barker himself).  We’re tremendously excited about bringing all these new stories of time travel, ghostly obsessions and intergalactic journeys to life – LIVE ON STAGE!  http://www.SCI-FESTLA.COM
Sci-Fest LA is the only festival of its kind on the planet.  This year, in addition to our stage shows, we have initiated two new Sci-Fi short fiction contests: THE ROSWELL AWARD (for adult Sci-Fi writers from around the globe) and THE TOMORROW PRIZE (for LA County High School Students).   All funds raised at the presentation ceremony for the Tomorrow Prize will be awarded to the winner’s high school science department. Info:  Last year, we floated astronauts in space and figured out how to make an live actor’s face grow out of an elastic wall.  This year, we have to create a giant space bug, create a renegade cyborg and rip somebody’s head off.  We can’t wait! 
The festival runs from May 7 – May 31, 2015.  All performances will be at the beautiful ACME Theatre, 135 N. LaBrea Avenue, Los Angeles (Just south of Beverly Blvd.) 
In response to our out-of-town fans’ request, Sci-Fest LA has created INVASION WEEKEND (AKA “Memorial Day Weekend”) where ALL of the Sci-Fest LA shows will play over a two-day period (Sat, May 23rd & Sun, May 24th).  See attached schedule. 
Please note:  We are happy to accommodate organizations that would like to purchase a block of tickets so that their members can attend a specific performance as a group.  We have two great evenings of mind-bending Sci-Fi entertainment to choose from.  Our line up can be seen on our website:  or by clicking this link:!2015-lineup/c67l   For groups of 10 or more we are able to offer $5.00 off each individual ticket and also offer members of your group a 25% discount on dinner entrees at Amalfi (the wonderful Italian restaurant next door).  Street parking is available and there is a valet right next to the theatre. 
Please see the attached document that features our May 2015 line-up and a calendar of when the various shows are playing.  
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call me.  See contact info below.  We look forward to seeing you in May!  Please check the 90 second video below.  It’s very fun!  Also check out the incredible line-up of talent currently scheduled to appear live on stage at our festival! 
Live Long and Prosper,
David Dean Bottrell
Producer, Sci-Fest LA
90 seconds of fun clips from the festival: 


Rico Anderson (“Star Trek: Renegades”)
Claudia Black (“Stargate SG-1”)
David Dean Bottrell (“True Blood”)
Tom Berklund (Broadway’s “The Addams Family”)
Veronica Cartwright (“Alien”)
Kevin Chamberlin (“Heroes”)
Nazneen Contractor (“Star Trek: Into Darkness”)
Dale Dickey (“True Blood”)
D.C. Douglas (“Resident Evil”)
Anna Maria Horsford (“Amen”)
Tina Huang (“Rizzoli and Isles”)
Walter Koenig (“Star Trek – The Original Series”)
Tamara Krinsky (“Marvel’s Red Carpet Host)
David H. Lawrence, XVII (“Heroes”)
Yuri Lowenthal (Voice of “Ben 10”)
Eddie McClintock (“Warehouse 13”)
Jasika Nicole (“Fringe”)
Tara Platt (Voice of Temari in “Naruto” Anime Series)
Alan Polonsky (“Aliens”)
Mark Povinelli (“Boardwalk Empire”)
Marque Richardson (“True Blood”)
Tim Russ (“Star Trek: Voyager”)
Jeryl Prescott Sales (“The Walking Dead”)
Tucker Smallwood (“Star Trek: Enterprise”)
Armin Shimerman (“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”)
Patricia Tallman (“Babylon 5”)
Angeline Rose Troy (“Element”)
Kari Wahlgren (“Star Wars: The Clone Wars”)
Michael Shamus Wiles (“Breaking Bad”)


Insidious 3 Cast Interviews at WonderCon

Hey guys-

So WonderCon was a blast! Particularly because I was able to interview Dermot Mulroney and the rest of the cast from Insidious 3

They were all so gracious and kind. It made my job a little easier, though as you can see, I am nervous…

You can see this interview and others I did on Big shout out to my good friend and co host of the Popcorn Podcast, Chad Osuna and Fanboy Nation for giving me such an amazing opportunity.  Because of you, I have met some great people and have had a blast.

I am a very lucky girl to have such amazing people in my life!!! Ok… Done with the sappy stuff. Now, into the interviews!!!


“Unfriended’ Cast Interviews at WonderCon


Place- WonderCon
Time- 2015

I start my convention as I always do… Walking around and stopping for pics with some Cool, fellow geeks.  My feet start to hurt and I suddenly realize that I have to do some interviews… In less than an hour!

No time to change??? Great… So what happens? I interview the cast of Unfriended as Black Widow. Which in the end turned out to be brilliant!  The cast actually liked it, which made for some fun conversations. Some of which is not on the YouTube link below. 

Check out the link below to see my interviews with the cast and the producer, Jason Blum. That man is a genius! He knows how to do suspense in a movie and he understands that you don’t need a lot of blood and gore to freak the crap out of people.

All my interviews are uploaded and hosted by the awesome FanBoy Nation. Check out their site and other interviews I’ve done at And if you are looking for a site that has things from comic reviews to MMA interviews, they have it all!


Disney Bounding- Avengers Adventures

March 28, 2015- Captain America and Black Widow were spotted at Disneyland. But that’s not all…  They were being chased by The Winter Soldier!

Try and try as they might, they were unable to lose him. Space Mountain, bumper cars, not even a “chew chew” train could keep Bucky from Cap!  In the end, Cap and Widow decided to give up and they all set out on an adventure! 

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David Dean Bottrell joins us on the Popcorn Podcast!


This week on the Popcorn Podcast, we were lucky enough to interview the very talented, David Dean Bottrell!  For those of you who do not who he is, David is best know for being able to play, well, a psychopath. He was brilliant as Lincoln on Boston Legal, and has also made appearances on some of my favorite shows like Bones, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and Justified.

But on the week’s  episode of The Popcorn Podcast, we got to learn a lot more about is “new” Project. David is one of the founders of Sci-Fest:

The first-of-its-kind festival offered audiences two rotating evenings of new, professionally produced, visually compelling, 15-minute sci-fi plays – all performed live on stage.   The inaugural line-up included  a world premiere adaptation of literary legend Ursula Le Guin’s “The Wife’s Story” and an innovative revival of Ray Bradbury’s chilling, “Kaleidoscope.”  In addition, Sci-Fest LA presented 5 late-night sci-fi themed comedy shows.  

All 9 one-act plays produced by the festival were directed and designed by an “A-Team” of Los Angeles-based theatre professionals and featured many well-known actors from iconic sci-fi franchises such as “Star Trek,” “The X-Files,” “Supernatural,” “Lost,”  “Grimm,” “Heroes,” “Fringe,” “The Hunger Games,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “True Blood.”

Take a listen here:

Popcorn Podcast

The show runs from May 5 – 31st and the venue will again be the ACME Theater, 135 N. La Brea Avenue in Hollywood.  To find out more about the show, but tickets,  or to donate, check out these links:

Sci-Fest Website

Donate Here!!!


The Fatal Siren

Osric Chau!!! I am so sad I missed this…


So… I was traveling and could not get Google Hangouts to work on my phone!!! This means I missed talking to the amazing Osric Chau,  best known as Kevin from Supernatural. BOO!!! But, at least Chad asked all the right questions and spoke about his crossplay,which I have to say I am a little jelly because he looks much better than I could in half those outfits!



Check out this week’s Popcorn Podcast (Even though I’m not on it…)

The Popcorn Podcast: Episode 26


The Fatal Siren